Legend of Solgard Guild Recruiting Marketplace

๐Ÿ›กโš” Wrath of Loki โš”๐Ÿ›ก
Top 10 team.ย  ย #IHFOC

Hello fellow Solgardians!
We’re an international team, which is providing feedback for improvement, has strategic discussions, a competive approach and has fun with nice people.
Level 21+ applicants should be:
โœ… focussed team players (following the strategy and boosting plans posted by the leader and/or the officers in the guild chat)
โœ… active daily (playing and giving the max. donation of 150 gold coins daily)
โœ… ambitioned and willing to master this game’s challenges through upgrading/skilling his/her creatures continuously
โœ… loyal (no guild hoppers please!). We’re like a family, work as a unit, help each other and have fun in our LINE group chats.
An account at LINE messenger is required! We have two chat groups, guild strategy and off topic for fun.
In case you should have questions please contact @Matze or me through Line messenger.
Line IDs:
We will try to reply a.s.a.p. and hope to find a fantastic addition for our team.

Legend of Solgard Boss Information and Crystal Stats

MonkeyApes TOP 100 Legend of Solgard international guild - Founded in August 17th, 2018!

The TOP 100 Legend of Solgard guild MonkeyApes is a well mixed guild in terms of internationality and gender.

The guild was founded in August 19th, 2018.

MonkeyApes welcomes every player into its ranks when you bring some preconditions:

  1. You enjoy the game ;)
  2. You have to understand English and you are able to write so
  3. Read the Chat or join our official DISCORD Server (no phone number required, privacy guaranteed)
  4. Donate 150 gold daily
  5. Fight every day the bosses as given in chat or DISCORD

Guild Tag: #CUREO

The five crystals and their abilities

  • RED (Strength): The Boss is extra strong. Each separator represents a strength point.
  • BLUE (Portal): This crystal opens mini portals that spawn additional enemies to protect the boss. These are the blue areas on the floor that are getting bigger and bigger. In their largest position then appear the opponents. The more you weaken that crystal, the weaker your opponents will be. At a certain damage point of the crystal it will spawn bullets instead of enemies – destroying the bullets gives damage to the boss.
  • YELLOW (Sun Boost): This yellow crystal is responsible for keeping the sun portals open longer. The more you damage the yellow crystal, the longer the sun portals remain open. Damage to sun portals counts twice!
  • GREEN (Turns): Affects the number of extra rounds you have available in the boss fight. The more damage you inflict on this crystal, the longer you have time to fight the boss.
  • PURPLE (Absorption): He reduces the damage that the boss receives from all sources (active and passive damage) by the amount the crystal displays.


The 16 Legend of Solgard Guild-Bosses and their stats

Legend of Solgard - Logar
  • 1.000 Life
  • No crystals
Legend of Solgard - Kolger
Legend of Solgard - Skari
  • 4.000 Life
  • One crystal (green one)
Legend of Solgard - Eldar
Legend of Solgard - Gormr
  • 5.000 Life
  • One crystal (blue one)
Legend of Solgard - Harborr
  • 7.000 Life
  • Two crystals (blue and violett one)
Legend of Solgard - Lokvar
  • 9.000 Life
  • Two crystals (red and yellow one)
Legend of Solgard - Arnulf
  • 12.000 Life
  • Three crystals (blue, green and violett one)
World 3 – HELHEIM
Legend of Solgard - Tolir
  • 10.000 Life
  • One crystal (yellow one)
Legend of Solgard - Verkir
  • 14.000 Life
  • Two crystals (green and yellow one)
Legend of Solgard - Eitri
  • 20.000 Life
  • Three crystals (blue, green and violett one)
Legend of Solgard - Pyntir
  • 25.000 Life
  • Four crystals (blue, green, red and yellow one)
World 4 – NIFLHEIM
Legend of Solgard - Angar
  • 20.000 Life
  • Two crystals (blue and red one)
Legend of Solgard - Halfar
  • 40.000 Life
  • Three crystals (blue, violett and yellow one)
Legend of Solgard - Smanir
  • 60.000 Life
  • Four crystals (green, violett, red and yellow one)
Legend of Solgard - Golur
  • 100.000 Life
  • Four crystals (blue, green, violett and red one)