Legend of Solgard Level Guide and Level Help Videos

Sometimes Life’s hard. Legend of Solgard is harder :)

For everyone like me who needs help to solve a level: I try to list a solution video of every Legend of Solgard Level. You may help me by sending in some Links here or just leave a comment at the bottom of this site!

Solgard Solution Videos

Solgard Solution Videos tries to help gamers like me and you to get ahead in the game.

Feel free to ask for a certain video – I’ll try to get it for you!

Thank you very much in advance and now: HAVE FUN

Legend of Solgard Help Videos

MIDGARD (Level 1 to 40)

JOTUNHEIM (Level 41 to 80)

WANENHEIM (Level 81 to 120)

HELHEIM (Level 121 to 160)

NIFLHEIM (Level 161 to 200)

Legend of Solgard Heroic Mode Videos

Legend of Solgard Underworld Videos

Facebook Group Level 76 (Gold Level) Contest

Addicted in the game? Try to fight with us in the level 76 gold level contest in the official Legend of Solgard Facebook group: